Not Your Typical Eye Exam (except that it was…)

I had an appointment at the eye doctor today. I’ve been getting headaches and have noticed my vision is a bit off lately, so I figured I should probably get it checked out, especially since it’s been almost four years since the last time I went. I’m one of those people who can’t see the huge letters on the screen, they just sort of blend in with everything and it looks like a huge blob. It’s pretty scary if you really think about it. Can you imagine how hard it would be if we didn’t have the ability to correct our vision? I don’t even think I want to.

At the end of the exam, my doctor dilated my eyes. I always forget how truly awful it is until it’s actually done. I also always forget that, contrary to what you might think, when your eyes are dilated, you can’t read anything. It takes about fifteen minutes after the drops are put in for the eyes to completely dilate, so while I was waiting, I had a nice lady helping me find some new frames, because my vision did in fact change.

I wasn’t trying to be annoying, but it’s been more like five years since I bought new frames. I really like the ones I have now, so it makes it hard to find new ones that I’m equally passionate about. I probably had about fifteen different pairs sitting on the desk. Things got so muddled, I couldn’t even find my own glasses and the nice associate had to keep pointing them out to me.

I couldn’t decide, but had almost fallen in love with a pair when I decided to take a picture and send it to my daughter. She’s all about what’s in right now and I knew she’d give me an honest opinion. It was pretty hard to text, but with auto correct, I was able to send something off. About two minutes later, she responded. I looked at my phone, but I couldn’t read it at all. I even tried squinting, but that just gave me a headache, so I asked the nice young lady to please read the text to me.

When she read it, she did it in the cutest, shyest voice. She said, “Cute shit Mama.”

I was mortified. “I am so sorry I made you read that,” I said. “I had no idea she was going to swear!”

The young lady actually told me she was thinking of just leaving that part out, but then she decided to read it just as it was. Isn’t that sweet? Her co-worker was laughing and I think I apologized like three more times.

Note to self: Don’t ask strangers to read your texts unless you’re absolutely certain it won’t be completely embarrassing for you or them! But, at least I have some cute glasses on the way (that meet Adelle’s approval) and my eyes are slowly but surely returning to normal, even if I do have a massive headache.

This post is part of Just Jot It January hosted by Linda G. Hill.

JJJ 2015


4 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Eye Exam (except that it was…)

  1. That is AWESOME.

    I haven’t had my eyes dilated in a long time, (my rx hasn’t changed in years) but man it takes me FOREVER to pick out frames and I always have to repeatedly tell the salespeople, “no seriously, go do something else, I’m gonna be here a long while. “

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