You Can Never Have Just One

I must be a glutton for punishment and I’m thinking I might just be okay with it. As some of you may remember, when we were in North Carolina, one of the things Adelle wanted to do was get a tattoo together, but we just didn’t have enough time and on the one day we had some time, everything was closed. Her first tattoo was meant to be the “together” tattoo, but we went to a pretty exclusive artist who had a wait list and I didn’t have the money to do the tattoo that we both wanted for her and me, so of course I picked her; it was her birthday, after all (our birthdays are only two weeks apart, so technically it was mine too, but 18 is a milestone; 38 isn’t).

We ended up getting “almost” the same thing on our first tattoos, but it wasn’t exactly the same since I decided mine was my tattoo for all three of my kids so I added flowers for both my boys. If you missed it, you can read about both of them here.

Tonight was just straight up fun. And we ended up getting exactly the same thing, just in different places.  One artist drew it and tattooed her and a different artist tattooed mine at the same time. The funny part was, she started first but I finished first. Her artist actually said “I didn’t realize it was a race.”

2015-01-09 20.42.00

It’s the Libra symbol. I think it’s fun to have just a small, simple tattoo and I’ve always wanted a tattoo on my ankle. Adelle ended up putting hers under her neck at the top of her back. I think we both have a pretty awesome addition to our tattoo library. Is that a thing? I’m thinking it should be called something else, but I’m tired and there was some pain (although I’ll take thirty minutes over three two hour sessions any day).

We only have a few days left before she flies away again. It’s been so great having her here for the holidays. Even though she doesn’t stay with me, it’s nice having her only three miles away as compared to two thousand miles away. And having moments like tonight where we share something together, like getting the same tattoo, is truly special.

Brought to you as part of Just Jot It January. Truly just a small jot today as it’s getting late and my brain doesn’t want to put words on paper in a creative way.

JJJ 2015


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