Momentum Matters

I finally managed to talk myself into a run yesterday, thinking it would be amazing and I would fall in love with running all over again and realize I need to have it a part of my life. It’s been a little over a month since the last time I ran and I was missing it. I have to say, I found moments of bliss in my run, but it wasn’t everything I had built up in my head.

For one thing, it was 35 degrees outside; which isn’t half bad if you know how cold it’s been here lately, but is a bitch when you’re used to running in much warmer weather. For another, there’s some people who don’t bother to shovel their sidewalks, so I either had to run in the street (scary as shit) or run through snow (also scary as shit for fear of slipping and falling on my face).

I also realized that momentum matters. My lungs were screaming at me about a half mile in and I became exhausted really damn quick compared to when I was running three miles like I was a doe frolicking in the forest.  My sister proceeded to make me feel better by telling me it is much harder to run in the cold, but still. It shouldn’t have been so hard and probably wouldn’t have been if I’d stuck with that workout program I started in December but didn’t bother to continue.

When I finally made it home with a not so good time and a few stops to walk a bit, I went inside the house and about died. My lungs were even more mad at me for forcing them to breath freezing cold air and then walking into warm air. I sat on the couch heaving and coughing, just praying for it to pass. It finally did and I’m happy I went, but it was rough!

I’ve given myself quite a few pep-talks on my blog and this is no exception. Momentum does matter and I know I need to be way more consistent if I ever hope to make it through Tough Mudder, whenever that will be this year. I’m still planning on doing it, even if I have to do it alone, which is a very real possibility. I’m thinking I need to sign up for a 5k to keep myself motivated in the coming months. I went on the run yesterday hoping it would spur me forward, when in fact it actually made me realize all the pretty awful things about running. But the only way to get back to what I love about it is to push past the pain, and I plan to do just that.

This could also be applied to writing. I am so grateful to JustJoJan for giving me a reason to not just blog every day, but to write every day. I’m getting used to this writing thing and feel that it is giving me what I need to push past the lethargy I was battling at the end of last year.

Here’s wishing you all motivation and momentum in whatever goals you are pursuing.

JJJ 2015

10 thoughts on “Momentum Matters

  1. Ahhh… I miss running. I can’t seem to find a good time to fit it into my schedule since hubby is gone roughly from 6 to 7 every weekday, and once he’s home and I get the youngest ones in bed, I’m way too exhausted to think about a run lol.

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  2. My knees don’t want to run…but I’ve lapsed bit in my workouts (last week I was way to dizzy to drive or use equipment!), and tomorrow is the beginning of my shifting that…

    May we both keep our momentum going!

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  3. You are so courageous girl. I walked down to Macy’s yesterday and it was cold. Not as cold as it has been, but I would have much rather been home in my nice warm chair. Good job girl.

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    • Yeah, I would have preferred sweats and a warm blanket too, but sometimes there’s a little pain for the results you want. Besides, there are things about running that I do actually love. 🙂


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