Sammy’s Bad Day

It’s time for Thain in Vain’s weekly flash fiction challenge.  This week’s prompt: “You smell terrible. What happened?”  As soon as I read it, I knew I wanted to write about Sammy.  Besides, she’s fun and the last few stories have been dark and/or scary.  Below are the links to her first two stories if you missed them.  I’m over on my word count, but I can’t help it.  She’s too much fun to write and the words just flow!

Sammy’s First Hike

Gruff the Rat

Sammy’s Bad Day

The humans have left for the day and, as usual, Gruff and I are left outside to play. I don’t mind, though, because it’s getting colder and there are leaves everywhere. I especially love it when the smaller humans put them in huge piles. I wait until they’re finished, then I run and jump in them, rolling around and biting the leaves. They yell at me to stop, but I usually ignore them. After all, why make piles of leaves if not to jump and play in?

Gruff is playing in a pile and I make my way in his direction thinking I’m going to play too but I lose sight of him. I bark, wondering what happened. Did the leaves swallow him? Is he gone forever? I make it to the pile and stick my muzzle in, sniffing and pawing. I hear a yip and Gruff bounds out of the leaves and takes off. I lift my head up, swatting my tail and flicking my ears. That little guy gets me every time.

We play around a while longer then make our way to the sleeping hovel. He manages to wake me up from a perfectly good nap by pawing me right in the eye. I blink and lift up my head. He’s whimpering and kicking his paws. I lick him and push him with my paws until he settles back down. I lay my head back down and my eyes are just starting to droop closed when I hear something in the bushes. I lift my head back up, my ears standing at attention. I hear the sound again and jump to my feet, sniffing the air. Something is out there. I run out of the hovel and towards the sound, growling and barking. I stop right in front of it and hunker down, getting eye to eye so whatever it is knows I mean business. I can see it looking right at me and I’m just about to jump on it when it turns around and sprays me in the face.

I let out a howl and take off running in the opposite direction like a complete idiot. I’d feel worse about it, but the stench sticking to my tongue is vile and I do everything I can to get it off. I finally come to my senses and turn back towards the creature, but it’s gone. I bark in a random direction and pee on the spot it vacated. I pace the fence for a while, but it doesn’t return, so I make my way back to the hovel. I’m suddenly feeling the affects of an interrupted nap.

I flop down next to Gruff and bury my muzzle in his fur, trying to smell something different. He whines and moves and eventually gets up and leaves. I lift my head and watch him lay back down in the sun outside. So much for that. I put my head back down and wait for the humans to get home. Hopefully they won’t find out that I failed miserably at defending our territory.


I hear Mom’s car pull into the driveway and I’m waiting at the door anxiously when she opens it to let us in. I jump up and lick her face as she pets me.

“Hi Sammy. How was your day?” She leans in to kiss me but stops short. “God, Sammy, you smell terrible. What happened?”

I lick her face trying to get more attention, but she lifts up and grabs my collar. “You need a bath.” I follow her, not really sure what’s happening and she leads me straight to the place with the water. I stop in my tracks and hunker down. “Sammy, come! I know you don’t want to, but you stink!”

Somehow, she must know that animal got the better of me and this is my punishment. I bow my head in shame, but even though I know I deserve it, I also know she isn’t getting me in there without a fight. I sure hope she’s prepared.


11 thoughts on “Sammy’s Bad Day

  1. Our late dog, Bunko, was 90 pounds of shaggy beast. At 1 in the morning, one day, he ran into the house through his dog door, then straight through to huddle on our bed. He’d been skunked but good, and we spent most of the night trying to clean him – water wasn’t his friend, either – and the bedding he’d defiled….

    No fun for any of us, but I thought maybe I heard skunky laughter outside….

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    • Here I am thinking I’m writing fiction but it turns out it’s actually someone’s story. I am SO sorry. That must have smelled terrible! 😉


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