Assimilate Now

I haven’t participated in Chuck’s challenge for a while now and I have no idea why I jumped in this week.  It is SO not my thing.  But for some reason, as soon as I read the challenge, I thought of this and it wouldn’t leave me alone. The challenge: a horror story as a spam email.  I’m not sure how horrific it is and I can’t say it came easily, but it’s finally done.  I hope it works! 🙂

Assimilate Now

To: All Humans

From: The Borg

Subject: Assimilate Now

We are the Borg. We are here to assimilate you. Make no mistake, it will happen. We are far superior to your puny humanity and you have been chosen to merge with us. The choice has already been made and we always make the correct one. No one loses.

You knew this day would come, however, it as far better than you can possibly imagine. We offer solace in one unit, one thought, one voice. No more fighting to survive in a sea of voices, wondering who you will hurt or who will hurt you. No more feeling left out of the group or feeling inadequate amongst superior humans, if there is such a thing. With the Borg, you are us and we are you, forever one, forever elevated.

We will take your ineffectual human body and add to it. You will be stronger, faster, more than you have ever been. We make sure this is a relatively painless process, but what you gain is power beyond anything you have known as a small human.

You are flawed. You are weak. We are not. With us, you will find perfection.

Humans have single-handedly destroyed Earth and there is unnecessary suffering. As the Borg, these things will soon be remedied. There will be no more wars, famine, or disease. If humans remain as they are, Armageddon is at hand and the Earth will soon be destroyed.

Throughout our travels, we have come to realize that force isn’t always necessary; however, this will be your only opportunity to join us freely.

By clicking on the link at the bottom of this email, your location will immediately be transmitted to us and within minutes, we will be with you. A syringe will be used to release nanoprobes into your body and soon, you will be a part of the hive mind and we will be one.

If you choose to skip this step for whatever simple-minded reason, you will soon be assimilated in other, perhaps more painful ways. We are already among you, walking in your midsts, nameless in the crowds. We will find you.

We are the Borg. Have no doubts, resistance is and always will be futile.

Assimilate Now


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