Finding Memories

This was written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G Hill where today we were prompted to write about the word find.

Finding Memories

In order to find something, it has to first go missing.  I’m not sure if this quite fits, but missing memories are found, aren’t they?  They go somewhere in the brain where they aren’t readily available and then some cue or something throws them into your conscious thought and voila!  They’re found.  Or remembered, even if only for a few moments.

I was running the other night and the song “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble started playing on my Ipod and I immediately found a memory.

When Adelle was in junior high, we used to sit in the car at 7am waiting for the bus to come.  One morning, that song came on the radio and she cranked it up and we were both singing and jamming to the song when the bus showed up.  She was bugged and didn’t want to get out; she listened as long as she could before grudgingly getting out of the car and getting on the bus.  About two seconds later, I got a text from her that the same song was playing on the bus radio.  She was stoked; I watched her throw her hands up and dance all the way down the aisle to a seat.

It was a perfectly perfect memory to find.

The other memories I found this week were about my nephew.  He was only with us for 18 months and I know we didn’t see much of him when he was here, but I realized this week that we saw him way more than I remembered.  We celebrated his birthday on October 1st.  If he was still with us, he would have been 12 this year.  It was Adelle’s first year away from home and she called me the next night saying she needed to talk about Mikey.  She was nine when he passed away and it had a profound affect on her, as it did on all of us.  While we were talking, I remembered a night when Mikey and his parents were at our house and Adelle was playing in the kitchen.  For whatever reason, she decided to run from the kitchen and I’m assuming she was going to run down the hallway to her room, but she never made it.  She ran smack into the corner of the wall and literally fell onto her back and did a little bounce.  Thank God for rounded corners in houses and little bodies that are strangely like rubber.  She cried, for sure, and she had a huge lump on her forehead, but she was okay.  I don’t know why I remembered that Mikey was there that night when it happened.

We talked for a while longer about Mikey and then ended the call.  When I picked Jaxon up from football that night, I asked him if he remembered Mikey at all; Jaxon was 4 when he passed away.  He shocked the hell out of me when he said, “I remember he came over one day to play with our crabs.”  First of all, I can’t believe he had memories from that long ago, but it sparked the memory in me – I guess you could say found it!

When the kids were young, we decided it would be cool to get them little hermit crabs for pets.  They loved those things, but I seemed to be the only one who got pinched when I held them in my hand.  I don’t necessarily remember Mikey in the “crab” memory, but I remember those crabs and how much fun my kids had with them.

It’s strange how memories come and go and how we all have different degrees of remembering.  It is a little bit like “finding” them, though; somewhere in the dark recesses of our mind.  It’s refreshing to know they aren’t just gone – at least it’s refreshing for the good memories.  I like finding the good memories that make me smile.

How about you?  Do you find memories that make you smile and warm your heart?


12 thoughts on “Finding Memories

  1. That’s beautiful memories to have. Yes my favourite memory is when my Mom held my first son and she called him a living, magnificent, doll. And my son who when saw his brother for the first time in the NICU sang to him. I love by Tom T.Hall not a dry eye in the house that day. ❤️


  2. I think my favourite memories have to be when a song comes on the radio that I’d forgotten even existed, but somehow I manage to remember the words – even though as I’m singing them it still doesn’t feel like I remember them until they actually come out of my mouth. It’s so weird, but so cool.
    Thanks for sharing your memories, Helen. 🙂


    • Music is so powerful when it comes to memories. My son is currently listening to music me and my daughter liked a few years ago. I’m still amazed I remember the words and can now enjoy it again with my son. Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of your memories as well. 😉

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  3. I have been remembering many and writing some down. I find it interesting the things that children remember. My oldest was telling her friend the other day about our budgies (budgerigar) and her memories of me carrying a baby budgie in my dressing gown pocket and how it would climb up my gown and nestle under the collar. I had forgotten all about that bird.


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