A Little Bit Funny


This was written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  This week we were prompted to write about funny.

A Little Bit Funny

I must admit that the word “funny” either haha or weird didn’t immediately jump out at me and I was considering skipping this week of SoCS.  One thing I can say is that my boyfriend tells me I need to lighten up.  I suppose I am a pretty serious person and I’m not sure why, but lately I feel like I’ve been jumping back and forth between completely unhappy and over-the-top happy, sometimes in the matter of hours.  (Which, I guess, tells you a lot about my emotional state.)  It’s tiresome and I, of course, don’t want to talk about that.

So, in thinking about funny, the one thing that did come to mind were song lyrics.  I’m not a huge Elton John fan (yes, I just admitted that) but one of the songs I do happen to like is Your Song and the lyrics:

It’s a little bit funny this feeling inside
I’m not one of those who can easily hide
I don’t have much money but boy if I did
I’d buy a big house where we both could live

And in thinking of this song, it brought to mind an even better song (in my humble opinion) – Elephant Love Medley from the movie Moulon Rouge.  I remember when I sat down to watch that movie for the first time.  I can tell you I almost turned it off, it was so crazy and over the top.  But, I kept giving it just a few more minutes and I’m so happy I did.  The love story completely took a hold of me and I fell in love with it.  However, it isn’t one of those movies I can watch over and over again.  It’s just too damn sad.  My daughter, on the other hand, LOVES the movie.  I have no idea how many times she’s watched it, but she loves it and her favorite song is the one mentioned above.

(Okay, so I have to admit when I sat down to write this, I really thought parts of Your Song were in the Elephant Love Medley, but it isn’t.  Your Song is all by itself in the movie, completely separate from the Medley.  But, I don’t think it takes away from this post.  I guess that can just be another Haha moment we can all laugh about.)

If you’ve never watched the movie or heard the music, Elephant Love Medley is a mash up of quite a few different love songs.  It is brilliantly and sweetly written, and it is sung in the movie by Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.

Which leads me to one of my favorite memories from North Carolina.  We decided to take a four hour drive to Wilmington so we could see the beach.  Adelle was playing music from her phone and I think she got tired of our normal fare because all the sudden she broke out with the Disney tunes and the musicals.  Before I knew it, Elephant Love Medley started playing and she cranked that song probably as high as it would go and we both sang it at the top of our lungs with hand movements and facial expressions.  We put on a pretty amazing show for whoever happened to glance our way, and you know what, I didn’t care.  I had so much fun and was laughing so hard.

I love moments like that where it is fun and endearing and you laugh not because it’s funny necessarily but because it’s wonderful and you never want it to end.

If I can figure out how to get the video that was taken, I will happily post it so you can laugh and enjoy our silliness.  But if I don’t happen to get it to work, perhaps it’s for the best.  Moments like that are priceless and beautiful and hard to recapture.  I hope we have more moments like that, Adelle and I.  I love my baby girl.

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