Tough Mudder Postponed

This really cool thing happened today where we found out we could transfer our registration for Tough Mudder to next year.  I was so relieved, happy, joyous… there are so many happy words I could use to describe the smile that lit up my face when I realized I wouldn’t in fact have to do it alone.

Hopefully no one will think I’m copping out.  I’m not!  I was so ready to take on Tough Mudder!  I’m not sure if I can explain but I will try…  From what I’ve seen of the course, it is WAY more of a team thing than an individual thing and there were obstacles I was counting on my brother to help me with, dangit!  I’m actually pretty shy (blog notwithstanding) and the thought of asking a stranger for help in that type of situation was, um, daunting.  I was gearing up for it, though.  Honest, I was!  “Hey, you, strong man I don’t know, can you please help me up over this here wall?”  What if he said no?  What if he looked at me and decided I was just a wimp, or too heavy, or…?  I don’t know… the scenarios were mind numbing.  For me, anyway.  Don’t even get me started on seeing all the teams doing their team thing and me being the sole person in my “team” just running along BY MYSELF!  Who knows.  Maybe it would have been a blast.  Maybe it would have exceeded all my expectations and all my fears would have been for naught.

But honestly, I’m happy we’re postponing it.  This way, we all win.  My sister doesn’t have to feel bad and wonder how she’s going to even be there, and both of them have plenty of time to heal and get back to fighting positions and ready for the challenge next year.  We might even add a few members to the team…

In the mean time, I have set aside my cross training and taken up some yoga.  I didn’t even realize how amazing it was.  You hear people talk about it and you see people doing it and you think “that could be awesome, I should totally do it” but you don’t and there isn’t really a reason other than, I don’t know… it takes time and work.  So, I’m just using the time I was spending on cross training for some yoga.  I’m still going to run three days a week and do the yoga on the off days.  I will also keep some of the weight lifting aspects of what I was doing, because I do not mind the shapes happening in places on my body.  At some point next year, I will have to pick the cross training back up in order to prepare, but for now, I’m going to breathe and be easy.

On another positive note, my running is still improving.  After my last post, I have clocked a new time, I don’t know, like three times!  I’m closer to my sister’s time than I was the last time I mentioned it and my new goal is to run three miles at an 11 minute pace.  Right now, I am doing about 11:30.  Just before the thing happened that took her out of commission, my sister called me and talked me into training for a half-marathon.  I must be insane!  But running is like a drug.  Once you start, you just can’t seem to stop and three miles is just not enough!  It’s fun to push past boundaries you think you have, just to see if you can.  I always surprise myself in running and I’m sure I will continue to do so.

While Tough Mudder is still a thing, it’s a thing a ways off.  The running thing is much more present and will most likely be taking up more space in my thoughts and on the blog.  I need to start adding miles instead of hills and pace, although both of those will help with miles.  Just the thought of running for two hours is both exhausting and exciting!  (For those of you ready to slap me, I understand.  I used to feel that way when my sister trained for her last half…)  The races most likely won’t happen until early next year because I don’t think she’ll be up for it until then.  She will also need to basically start from scratch with her training, which is a bitch!  That was how I used to run!  Go two or three months not running at all then start again and pretend you are actually ready to run that 5k in two months!  It’s rough work to start over.  Part of me wishes I could make that better for her, but she is a fighter and a survivor.  She will be back before either of us realizes it.

Tough Mudder, 5ks, 10ks  and half marathons are waiting for us in the near future.  For now, we can take a few breaths and just let life be what it is.


6 thoughts on “Tough Mudder Postponed

  1. I love your new enthusiasm for running. I had almost forgotten about the half marathon I talked you into till this afternoon. It is great having something to look forward to. Your words inspire me and give me hope. Thank you for that.

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    • It makes it easy to be excited about running when things keep improving. I think it’s harder when you slog through every run just trying to make it to the end. That isn’t happening anymore, so I’m much more excited about doing it. There is always hope, sissy. You won’t be hurt forever, you are improving each day. You just need some time, that’s all. Be patient! ❤

      You are very welcome. 😉


  2. I loved it. What I love about your writing is that you explain it so completely and everyone knows what you are talking about. Good luck with your yoga and have fun in the process. Is it just the three of you that have chosen not to do the Tough Mudder, or has it been canceled for everyone?


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