Running is Awesome!

As I mentioned in a past post, I ran a 5K race on Saturday morning.  It turned out to not be everything I had hoped for since my sister had to bow out due to the death in her family.  I had visions of sprinting to the finish line to see who could get there first; but in all reality, my sister is faster than me and most likely would have kicked my ass!

I tried to find someone to run with me, but I had zero takers even though the race had been paid for.  I didn’t end up going alone, though.  I basically had to bribe my family to wake up at 6:30 so we could make it to the place by 7:30.  My boys were NOT happy!  They’ve been sleeping in late and going to bed late, so their schedules are all mixed up.  I was very grateful they decided to come, even though they sat around waiting while I ran and must have been bored out of their minds.

For a little back story, my time has been improving by leaps and bounds in the past two months since I started what I call the hard-core training for Tough Mudder.  In the post linked to above I mentioned I finally went below the 12 minute per mile mark and I was ecstatic.  I don’t honestly know, sometimes, what causes the “run faster” mode.  I usually feel like I’m running too slow and I’m having this conversation in my head the whole time – “go faster… whoa, slow down or you won’t make it… am I going fast?… I think I’ve gone back to a slogging pace and there is no way I’m beating my time right now…”  I feel like my mind is a bit manic when I’m running.  There are times when I am can’t handle my own thoughts anymore and I do my best to concentrate on the music rather than whatever my mind wants to think about.  I find when I actually mouth the words to whatever song is playing, it helps keep me out of the constant deluge of thoughts focused on my running style, pace or whatever…

The Thursday night before the race, I ran three miles and once again, I clocked my best pace on a three mile run (when I clocked the 11:59 pace, it was for a little over two miles). Needless to say, I was stoked! (In this post, I decided to show some proof just in case y’all thought I was lying or something… Besides, who doesn’t love some pictures?)


Which brings me to Saturday morning and the race.  Races are great because you tend to get into the energy of everyone running with you and then there’s the whole “I cannot let that person pass me…” vibe that makes you run just a little bit faster.  So I was even more excited to clock another new best time Saturday morning.  I can say all those things about how the course was easier, not as many hills as what I run by my house, but I believe it was a combination of both the energy of running with others and the course.


I’m not a fan pictures… I was tagged in a post on Facebook to post five pictures of myself that make me feel beautiful.  Guess how many I have of just me?  Like, one.  I think it’s something I need to work on – my self image.  So, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and posting a picture of myself to show just how happy I was to clock that time!  The other thing I love about this photo is the kiddos – I cannot express how dead on this picture portrays each child’s personality.  Made me laugh when I really looked at it after it was taken.  (The girl to my right is Lily, my boyfriend’s daughter.  Even her personality is shining through, bright and clear!)

As a little side note, I don’t know what it is about age that starts the sweating.  I don’t ever remember sweating quite like I do now when I was younger.  Maybe that’s just it… age. Anyway, this picture shows it all too clearly and it’s pretty gross… I do apologize.


After Saturday, I was feeling pretty great about running and my time and how well I was doing.  I was thinking that I should maybe stay at this pace for a while; get used to it; let it settle in and, I don’t know, just try it on for a while… see how it felt.

Then on Tuesday, I did this.


Granted, it was less than three miles, but once again, I beat my pace!  I’m just waiting for when I clock over 12 minutes per mile again and that feeling of “well damn, I’m slow again” to hit me for a few days.

Whatever this is and whatever is causing these times to happen, I am happy.  I feel great after each run and can’t wait to run again.

So, yeah, as the title says, running is awesome!  I’m not a huge fan of the cross training, but if it continues to help my time and help me feel better running overall, I will continue to do it, even after Tough Mudder!

Thanks for tuning in to my running post.  Every once in a while it’s nice to step out of the stories and talk about life!  Because, LIFE!


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