My Son’s Imaginings

Normally, when I pick the boys up from their Nana’s house after work, Andru will sit in the back seat of the car right behind me and Jaxon takes the front passenger seat.  A few weeks ago, Jaxon was off being a teenager so it was just me and Andru for the short ride home.  He went to get in the back seat, but I told him he could sit in the front if he wanted.  I’ve offered before when it’s just the two of us, but he doesn’t always take me up on it.  That day he did.  We exchanged the normal conversation we have every day when I pick him up…

“How was your day, buddy?”

“Great!  How was yours?”

“Boring.” (Or something equally not fun to describe my day job)

Normally the conversation pretty much ends right there and we drive in silence or I turn some music on, but that day was different.  He was bubbling with energy and he looked at me smiling and said, “Mom, have I told you about Electro lately?”

“It’s been a while.  Why?”

“He’s changed so much, Mom!  I have so much to tell you…”

Andru is a wondrous kid with a unique imagination that blows me away.  He will spend hours by himself spinning stories in his head and acting them out.  His cousin is his partner in crime and when they are together we pretty much don’t see them until I yell “it’s time to go”.  My niece is almost six years older than Andru and she gets involved sometimes too.  I asked my sister why my niece would want to hang out with her younger brother and cousin and she said it was because it was like role-playing, which my niece is really into.

Role playing has never really been a part of my culture.  I dabbled in it a few years back, but it was really only to appease the person I was with at the time (the whole, I love what you love, even though… not really…).  I don’t know why I didn’t like it, given how much I love reading stories and writing stories and stories in general.  I don’t know if I can explain it, but the one time I did it, I lost interest pretty quickly.  It didn’t even dawn on me until my sister commented about my niece that this was precisely what my son was doing.

In the car  that day, Andru proceeded to tell me all about his changes and updates to Electro and still wasn’t done by the time we arrived home.  He not only has a main character, he has supporting characters and an enemy and back stories.  Now, some of it is definitely young, but for a ten year old, hell even some adults I know, it is pretty damn cool.  I was so astounded and in awe of my son that I decided to write it all down for the blog.  However, life happened and two days later I still hadn’t done it and I pretty much forgot most of the details.

So, I boosted the kids’ ego and actually interviewed him.  He was pretty stoked about it, but I procrastinated again (that’s totally a thing I do that I really shouldn’t).  He asked me last night if I had any likes on my blog and I had to regretfully tell him I hadn’t written it yet.  So, here is my son’s imagination pretty much jotted down straight from his brain.


Electro used to be human – his human name is John Schmidt.  There are different stories on how he was actually made, but it has something to do with Photons.  He is made of Photon energy or light energy.  He has a human-like body but he is taller than the average human.  He has spiked hair and his eyes are hard to see (Andru had a hard time explaining this one but it had something to do with slits and set really far back in his head or something… anyway, we both just decided it was best to just say the eyes were hard to see).   His mouth is really big – it goes all the way up to his ears – and he has really sharp teeth.  He has a tail that ends in a triangle shape and spikes on his spine that go onto his tail.  He can change into four different forms:

  • Demonic – He is bent like a raptor,  has razor teeth like chainsaws, and magnified spikes.  He has small feet but he’s fast.  When he is in this form he takes in fear through his spikes and turns it into light energy. (Pretty damn cool!)
  • Eternal – He has super buffed out armor.
  • Collossal – Everything in his normal form is just magnified.
  • Ultimate – When all three forms mix together.  This is the only one that can destroy the Shadow Lord.

The bad guys are called Shadow Lurkers.  They are clones of Electro made of shadow energy and they are most powerful at night.  They are led by the Shadow Lord.  He was originally Electro’s brother and he became jealous of Electro which made it easier to corrupt him.  The Shadow Lurkers turned him into one of them, but he became greedy.  He wanted to be more powerful so he took the shadow lurker’s souls against their will, changed them into dark energy and sucked it up.  He did this so much, he eventually became a Shadow Dragon and made himself their leader.  (Actually, I can’t remember if they made him their leader or if he proclaimed himself, but it was one of the two.  I personally think this is the coolest part of his made-up world.  My ten year old actually thought of a guy made of shadow lurkers’ souls!)

The Heroes:

  • Flames is made of fire, duh
  • Spike is made of metal
  • Rocky is made of rocks
  • Virus is made of plants, or a plant virus I guess.   She actually died by a tree and a very rare virus inside the tree seeped into her rotting body and transformed her into something new.  A new life.
  • Marina is made of water
  • Windy is made of air.  She gathers up wind to have form, otherwise you can’t see her.
  • Shady was originally the only female Shadow Lurker but she didn’t want to do bad things anymore.  She had a run-in with Electro in which he almost killed her, but she survived and told him she wanted to be one of them.  He talked it over with the group and they all agreed to have her.

Some of the heroes can mix their powers together to become something else.  Brightest Light is when Electro and Flames mix together to become a light that can never be extinguished.

There are four boys and four girls so there is obviously some romance going on.  Electro is with Virus; Flames is with Windy; Spike is with Shady; Rocky is with Marina.

I think he is super heavy on the characterization and hasn’t thought much about the world they live in because when I asked him about it, he said they live in the normal world.  Which, I guess is possible…. maybe…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed his world as much as I have and do.  He will talk about it with anyone who will listen for longer than you were expecting – this, Starcraft, Diablo III, and, oh yeah, Minecraft.  My son is a gamer, which most likely helps his vivid imagination come to life.   I hope he never stops dreaming and creating worlds in his head.

End Note: I read this to Andru and got a thumbs up and a huge smile.

8 thoughts on “My Son’s Imaginings

  1. Role-playing, for some kids, is the gateway drug to becoming a writer. 😉 He sounds a LOT like I was at his age. And I’ve been running RPG games now for almost thirty years. 😛 Now I feel old…

    Point is, there is a huge difference between good games and bad. A good game will feel like an interactive story, and draws the players into it just like a good book will. A bad game is horrible, dragging, boring, confused, and seemingly plotless. I bet your experiences were with the latter. 😉


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